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Creation of the family business Molnar és Testvére Bt. by Orsolya and her brother Zoltan.

The company soon began specialising in promotional gifts and events by offering original, 100% customized items.


Capitalising on business expansion the company became a Limited Company under the name of VIZUATOR. Its directors and co-founders are Zoltan and Andrea, his wife.


VIZUATOR became one of the leading Hungarian players in its market. Its main clients are active in the pharmaceutical and automotive industries.


VIZUATOR diversifies and creates a “safety” line with the launch of reflective and personalized safety vests. The company becomes an approved supplier to the Hungarian Civil Guard, and offers a full range of personal protective equipment for the security forces.


Commencement of export activity to neighbouring countries.


VIZUATOR continues its expansion in Europe and creates its ski.ZIPPER line, specializing in personalised promotional gifts for ski schools. VIZUATOR immediately met with great success with its unique product, the ski.ZIPPER, and is offered to ski schools in France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy. Orsolya has managed this line since its inception.

Since 2009

New personalised, original and child-friendly promotional items are continuously being developed for ski schools.


Our customers (around 2,000 civil guards and several hundred ski schools) place their trust in us thanks to our responsiveness, the quality of our products and our competitive prices.

Our team is dynamic and committed to the satisfaction of our customers. There are now six people in the team, and an annual turnover of around 650,000 €, which is constantly increasing.

We sincerely hope to count you among our customers.