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Ideal for stick on medals, helmet or ski.



Made in Hungary (EU)

Let’s make a brand collection of high-quality 3D convex Stickers with the logos, emblems or photos of your ski school.


The MOQ depends on the size of the customized model. Please contact us!

Lead time : from 2 up to 4 weeks after confirmation of artwork and sample

As an added benefit to you we are able to put our 3D Logo Emblems system onto a magnetic base making it usage practically unlimited in house holds (attaching leaflets to fridges etc) when given out as promotional gifts (for more information please click SKI.MAGNET).


  • Material : self adhesive convex labels, coated with a polyurethane wear layer, excellent cohesion to almost any surface.
  • in 3D (“dome”, which gives them a 3D look and feel) workout
  • Thickness : approx. 2 mm
  • Durable and not washable colours! resistant to exterior factors (extreme temperatures, humidity).
  • Screen printing technology, the colours have excellent durability and are enduring in any condition
  • Standard packaging : bulk

Ask for free samples!